FYI Sisterhood

Celebrating Founder’s Day

What better thing to talk about than sisters celebrating 29 years of sisterhood? On Saturday, February 4, 2023, sisters at UW-Whitewater Charter came together to celebrate Founders Day! This event was organized by our alumnae chair, Julie Vue, and sisterhood chair, Maikou Xiong. They decided this event would include some gift giving, yummy food, and a photoshoot. For this celebration we also included a Valentine’s theme since Valentine’s Day was around the corner. 

To start off, sisters bought Valentine treats and/or goodie bags for each other. We decorated brown paper bags for our treats, just like we did in elementary school. Sisters then distributed their gifts to one another to express our care and love for one another through small notes or treats.

After everyone finished decorating their bags and handing out treats, we decided to eat lunch! We did a potluck style, and each sister in attendance brought the following items: Julie ordered Domino’s pizza, Maikou made spinach salad, Grace brought a tray of fruits, Kiana brought the cupcake flavor of the month, raspberry, from work, Fatima cooked Dino nuggets, Caitlin brought mini cupcakes and sugar cookies with hearts on them, and Silina brought fried chicken.

After a delicious meal and catching up, we thought about doing a quick photoshoot with a projector as we were inspired by some Valentines photos. We picked out some heart backgrounds and began clicking away!

Once we finished snapping pictures, our event officially concluded. Some sisters had to leave while others wanted to spend some more time together. Then, we decided to practice strolling. We were able to introduce the newer sisters to some past strolls as well as reteaching the strolls.

Overall, the UWW Charter sisters had a great time celebrating our Founder’s day of 29 years. We look forward to celebrating many, many more years of this amazing sisterhood!