5 Things I Wish to Do as an Active Before I Graduate FYI

AskTheIvys: Things I wish I Did As An Active

In the Spring of 2021, Alpha Phi Gamma at the University of Nevada – Reno was
re-established by the dedication and effort of the Iota “Poison Ivy” Class in the midst of
the pandemic. With the struggle of being restricted from physical contact and
gatherings, a number of our sisters did not get to experience many things that they
would have loved doing as an active. This month, we want to feature some alumni
sisters of Kappa chapter’s recharter class and get insight on things they wished they did
as an active before they graduated!

Firstly, we interviewed Alexis “ChiHEYro” Quisao. Alexis is a sister who was in
her last semester of college when she was initiated, therefore she was not able to
experience having an active semester. Despite that, she still found her way to being
involved in our organization by serving on National Board, being our chapter’s
alumnae advisor and a Big sister! Let’s hear about some things she wishes she had
done before she graduated!

  1. Become President. I was President of our interest group and Captain
    of my line, and I hoped to bring that leadership going into active life.
    I’ve always been passionate about being a Sister and continued to serve
    APhiG by being part of National Board soon after crossing and Alumnae
    Advisor for Kappa Chapter. I feel that my passion and motivation for
    APhiG is contagious and inspiring in a way. I wanted to experience my
    leadership grow as President and provide guidance for our active house.
  2. Have a new member presentation. Our process was virtual, including our
    interest group journey. It would have been so fun and exciting to have a
    reveal in person, especially because we were rechartering Kappa Chapter
    at the University of Nevada, Reno. It is something that all our classes have
    experienced except for ours. Most MGC organizations at UNR have a new
    member presentation. I also feel that it would’ve been a good way for
    other organizations to know who I am. It would have been a good way to
    integrate into Greek life!
  3. Go through recruitment. Recruitment is such an exciting time to show off
    to interests why we love Alpha Phi Gamma, and I LOVE to let people
    know how much my organization means to me. It’s also such a fun way to
    connect with others and get to meet new people. It would have been nice
    to go through recruitment and meet my Little in person during recruitment events
    before we became big and little (even though my little and I have an amazing
    relationship already!!).
  4. Become Mom/RC. Our Momsilog and Popsilog are so inspirational and
    such strong women in my life. I want to instill the
    values they emphasized for me into potential new members and help find their passion in
    APhiG as my parents did for me! I think they’re also very fitting positions
    for my personality and would love to have my own kiddos one day.
  5. Participate in events. I would’ve loved the opportunity to participate in all
    events to connect more with Sisters and other organizations. I feel like I
    missed out on a lot by graduating right after crossing, moving out of Reno
    and pursuing pharmacy in Seattle. I looked forward to the Sisterhood and
    lifelong bonds when the thought of rechartering came up 2-3 years ago.
    The pandemic prolonged the interest group process and things did not
    work out the way I thought they would in terms of timing. I develop those
    bonds by visiting Kappa Chapter whenever I can and connect with Sisters
    that crossed after me and strengthen the bonds with my Line!

We also interviewed Janea “Enola” Santiago, who had graduated last semester;
she paved the way by taking up the positions of Director of Judicial Affairs, social chair,
philanthropy chair, and recruitment chair after the re-establishment of our chapter. While
Janea was able to experience one year of being an active sister, she still has things she
wished she had done before she graduated!

  1. Become President. My line and our alumna worked so hard to recharter
    Alpha Phi Gamma back to UNR’s campus, that I wanted to be able to set
    a good foundation for our sorority to succeed. However, our past two
    presidents have done so well and exceeded all our expectations that I
    know that dream will come true.
  2. Experience becoming RC. My Momsilog and Popsilong did such an
    amazing job raising 9 itlogs while miles away from us. They made sure we
    understood the “why’s” in our process while holding us to the highest
    regard and that itself strengthened my love for our sorority. I wanted to
    pass on that inspiration to other future sisters and show others why our
    sorority is the best!
  3. Experience another year (or 2) of being a sister on campus. Even though
    it was very busy work, it was super fun work establishing Alpha Phi
    Gamma on campus. It was so comforting to see sisters almost everyday,
    and just being around them made all the stress go away. It was so inspiring as well seeing other multicultural sororities/fraternities support each other, and their respective events were always so much fun!

We are so proud of our sisters for graduating and setting the foundation for the
Kappa re-charter! It is also very interesting and fun to hear about what Alexis and Janea
wished to do as an active sister before graduating. Even though they did not have the
opportunity to become an active sister for more than a term or at all, we all still feel the
growing love and passion they have for their sisterhood as they continue to stay
involved in any way they can!