Class Crossing FYI


On April 27th, 2022, we introduced to the world our new Sisters of Alpha Phi Gamma – Mu Chapter. Guided by Mandy “A.STR.i.D” Lu (Ritual Chancellor) and Ava “ULTRA.FiNA” Lam ( PNM Mom ), three new baby panda bears were welcomed into the world! This class has shown dedication, growth, and empathy with a dash of surprises within their journey to becoming an APHIG Sister. Get to know the three new neos of Alpha Phi Gamma’s – Mu Chapter! 

Sister #51M:  Kayla “kÂyÜm;” Le is an incoming sophomore studying retail merchandising with a  minor in UX/UI design. Coming from out-of-state, she wanted to find a sense of community through different organizations at the U of M. Through her journey, she found a safe place for herself in Alpha Phi Gamma.

“I was already part of many organizations, but felt I was missing something and that is where I found APHIG. Having a strong and hardworking group of women constantly supporting me was the missing piece I needed, especially since my freshman year was difficult. I found a sense of courage and perseverance. I belonged in the most hardcore sisterhood! I am so grateful for the opportunities and memories these women have given me!” 

Sister #52: Abby “MÉ.Î.HØĀ” Medberry is an incoming senior studying Management Information Systems, Supply Chain and Operations Management, and Chinese with minors in Business of Healthcare and Strategic Management. Having been involved in a lot of different organizations and holding leadership positions, she still felt she was lacking a sense of belonging, which she ultimately found in Alpha Phi Gamma.

“I was already serving in executive roles on two different student boards and working the semester I crossed, and I had preconceived notions about Greek life that had always hindered me from exploring any sororities my first two years. However I felt at home right away in APhiG. I felt a sense of support I have never felt before, and I can truly call these women not just my friends but truly sisters and to me, they feel like family. I am forever grateful for the community APhiG has given me and the growth I have already experienced as part of APhiG!”

Sister #53M: Rachel Tran “Haruhi” is an incoming 5th year studying biology with a minor in UX/UI design. They were looking for girls who truly supported one another through thick and thin. 

“I never saw APhiG sisters as people who would accept me for who I am as a person. They accepted me without judgment and allowed me to speak my truth. I feel like I’ve been through a lot of turmoil and had a very rocky few years, and I wanted something that would provide me stability. This doesn’t mean to be dependent on a group of people for that, but to have a support group as I was learning to navigate my own obstacles. I love my sisters and appreciate everything they do!” 

Together these three woman have worked hard as a line to become hardcore sisters of Alpha Phi Gamma Sorority, Incorporated!