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Alumnae Workshops: How They Better Both Sisterhood and Business

On February 13, 2022, Alpha Phi Gamma’s Iota Chapter at UNLV hosted an Alumnae Workshop encompassing Networking and Jumpstarting Your Career. This workshop counted toward our individual members’ personal development measures.

When the personal development measures were introduced this semester, our Alumnae Advisor, Sachi de la Cruz, took the opportunity to rekindle our Active House’s relationship with Sisters of other statuses in the chapter. Due to COVID, our chapter was unable to intake for a whole year, resulting in the current Active House mainly being composed of Neos. With that being said, we recognized the need for a career and financial literacy focused workshop for our younger members.

The process of compiling a list of alumnae, associate, affiliate, and inactive (AAAI) Sisters, reaching out, and finding someone to host the workshop proved a bit difficult, but thankfully it all worked out in the end. Sisters Michelle Chen and Lexus Wong of the Xi Vixens Class stepped up and created a beautiful presentation filled with crucial tips regarding getting out into our respective career fields and steps to becoming financially free. The two discussed topics such as credit, what it is and how to improve your credit score, how to manage your social media to market yourself, and the basics of networking.

Overall, the workshop was a success and our Active House members were able to learn more about being smarter with their finances. The event was extremely beneficial for both our Sisterhood and business and Sachi has planned for another one to be held in March. Our next alumnae workshop will be discussing Imposter Syndrome in Academia and will be hosted by National Board member Camille Corpus of the Lambda Little Mermaid Class!

Sachi encourages other chapters to host alumnae workshops or events like it to foster the relationship between Active House and AAAI Sisters. It also gives Sisters a chance to showcase their skills and talents! If you were thinking of a way to reach out to AAAI Sisters, this is a great way to start a conversation. Sachi recommends sending a google form to Active House and asking for topics they would like to learn about, compiling a list of AAAI Sisters, and letting them know what Active House wants to see. Alumnae workshops are a fun way to build Sisterhood and complete measures.