Class Crossing FYI

Alpha Phi PhenoMAnons

Alpha Chapter is so excited to introduce our newest sisters: Alpha Phi PhenoMAnons, Class of Spring 2021! First off, we wanted to congratulate the Ritual Chancellor, Mary Ramos, and Potential New Member Mom, Alexis Pajarillaga, for crossing Alpha Phi. Although we were going through the strenuating circumstances of COVID-19 and a fully virtual process, it is with pride when we say Alpha Phi and their parents accomplished a successful semester. We are so proud of their persistence and so grateful for the addition of eight life-long sisters. From their installation and past, we know that they will do an amazing job as active members. 

To introduce the sorority to our new sisters, we asked them to introduce themselves and share their favorite memories and what they are looking forward to in active life. Here’s what they had to say.

“Hi I’m Janelle! I’m a third year at Cal State Fullerton majoring in International
Business. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, singing, beach picnics & discovering
new places.

My favorite food is sushi & my favorite drink is any kind of tea. A fun fact about me
is that I have a birthmark on my cheek that is the shape of my face. My favorite memory with my psisses so far is driving from SoCal to Pismo beach to meet up halfway with my psisters from NorCal. I really enjoy every car ride with my psisters and singing our favorite songs together.

As an active, I’m excited to be able to guide other girls into the best sisterhood. I also am really excited to participate in all the events we have planned such as sisterhood, fundraising, philanthropy and social events.”

~ Janelle “FROM DA $IMP$IDE W1TH LUV” Atienza #236A

“Some of my hobbies are trying new restaurants, exploring places, watching shows, and
hanging out with my friends. My favorite memory during process was talking to my line sisters
on zoom until 2 or 3 in the morning. We would zoom almost everyday and we would either talk
about how our day was or just do homework with each other.

What I look forward to as an active is becoming close with all the active sisters. I also
look forward to truly understanding how much work and effort active sisters put in and possibly
running for positions to contribute towards the sorority.”

~ Jocelyn “free fUHHHlin$…Q_q” Chang #237A

“Hi! My name is Alisal, and I’m a fourth year pre-med major working towards
becoming a doctor someday. Some of my favorite hobbies include swimming at the beach,
listening to music, studying, and watching Netflix movies. A fun fact about me is that I have an
identical twin sister! Growing up, my parents had the hardest time trying to tell us apart.
Sometimes they still do, constantly switching up our names.

My favorite memory during my process is meeting my line sisters. I found it amazing
how APhiG was able to bring 8 complete random strangers together and allowed us to create an unbreakable bond as sisters. They’re my best friends, I couldn’t imagine doing life without all of them. They bring out the best in me and I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.

One thing I’m looking forward to as an active member is continually growing the sisterhood of APhiG. I love the close bond I have created with all the sisters I have met before and I’m excited to create more!”

~ Alisal “Da:P SWEETEA<3” Perez #238A

“Hi my name is Caitlin Quijano. I am a fourth year at Cal State Dominguez Hills. I
just transferred from Santa Monica CC as a communications major. Something about me is that
I’m 21 and a leo ôヮô . I love going on late night drives & food adventures. Some of my fav
foods are sushi , shabu & mediterranean food! If I’m not working you’ll probably catch me
taking film pictures or watching Love Island.

My favorite memory during the process was getting close to all my line sisters. I never
imagined myself getting close to seven strangers who ended up becoming my best friends. All
the late night facetime calls & ugly laughs shared. Even after the process, one of my favorite
memories is going on a roadtrip to the Bay to see our other line sisters and having our first vacay
together (T⌓T) .

Something I am looking forward to as an active member is learning how to guide new
classes into the best sisterhood! As well as one of this year’s co-social chair I’m excited to have events for our Active House. Some positions I want to run as an active are publicity chair, RC, and maybe even Mom because I want to have the same impact that my Mama & RC had on me ♡”

~ Caitlin “HAiKyūGOT.Tu:o” Quijano #239A

“Hi! My name is Helen, and I am a third year majoring in sociology in hopes of getting a
minor in Entrepreneurship. My favorite hobbies are finding new music, playing with my dog,
and trying to learn how to cook. I love to sleep! Most of the time I use my free time to sleep
because it makes time faster lol. A fun fact is that this semester I manifested the cutest wittle dog
into my life, and I named him Maui. He is perfect even though he is an aggressive one.

My favorite memory with my psisters is spending time with them literally everyday. I was able to lean on and be myself around them. Even through the rough times, my line knew how to show me to see things in a better light😚

One thing I am looking forward to as an active member is being able to watch the process from the other side and making more memories with more sisters in APHIG.”

~ Helen “~P:ØKER.zzZ~ Vuong” #240A

“Hiii lovers! My name is Kaitlyn Vuong and I am currently a second year at Cal Poly
Pomona majoring in kinesiology! I enjoy going on drives to the beach, trying new foods, and
sleeping. I also like watching the sunrise/sunset, fluffy baby cows, and watching jersey shore
with my psisses! A fun fact about me is that I get all my drinks with extra ice.

Since our process was virtual, I would say my favorite memory is hanging out on zoom together whenever we were free! We made a lot of memories and really bonded.

As an active member, I am looking forward to building deeper connections with the rest of active house and being active with my big sis <3”

~ Kaitlyn “CRASH(landing)ONyo.Ouwu” Vuong #241A

“Hi my name is Tammy Weng, I am a 4th year and an Allied Health Major at Azusa
Pacific University. My AKA is crybReaK xPunnyversary!!!. My hobbies consist of going on
food/boba runs, and binge watching shows like Jersey Shore and Grey’s Anatomy. I also really
like going on road trips and spending time with my friends.

My favorite memory during process was the late night zoom calls with my line sisters.
We would stay on zoom for hours and talk about anything other than business and just enjoying
each other’s company. Another favorite memory during process was getting to know the active
house, especially my big sis. ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡

One thing I am looking forward to as an active member is stepping up and taking on
leadership positions. APhiG has given me so much more than I could have imagined and I would
love nothing more than to give back. ♡”

~ Tammy “crybReaK xPunnyversary!!!” Weng #242A

“Hello everyone! My name is Sharon and I am a 3rd-year Kinesiology major at Cal Poly
Pomona. Some things that I like to do for fun include hanging out with my family, eating good
food, exploring the outdoors, playing basketball, playing with my husky puppy, and sitting at
home binging shows. A fun fact about me is that I tore my ACL during my sophomore year of
high school, which led me in the direction of wanting to become a kinesiology major.

My favorite memory with my psisses is driving from Northern California to meet some of
my line sisters from Southern California at the halfway mark in Pismo Beach. We made so many
great memories that day on the beach and I still look back at videos and pictures from that day
because I miss it so much.

One thing that I am looking forward to as being an active is being able to help guide new
sisters into Alpha Phi Gamma. So many sisters have made such a huge impact on my life in such
a positive way and I hope to be able to do the same. I also am looking forward to all of the new
memories to come with all the events and people within APHIG!!!”

~ Sharon “T(E)nANXI8U(S)!!tiGRRR…~ :|” Yang #243A