Release Statement

Alpha Phi Gamma Solidarity Statement 5/28/2020

May 28, 2020


Alpha Phi Gamma National Sorority, Inc. would like to express our anger, frustration and hearbreak over the recent events with regards to the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and countless others, as well as the threats against Christian Cooper. We recognize the historical and continuous oppression of Black Americans in this country and the experiences they face that white people and non-Black POC do not. As an organization whose purpose is to bring together people of different nationalities, we acknowledge that the outspoken support of and solidarity with Black people has always been necessary. 

“Racism is not an invisible, abstract idea. It is being felt every day by millions of people in the United States and around the world.” With that in mind, we cannot continue to ignore this issue for the sake of our own peace. Our love, support and solidarity goes out to the families and loved ones who are grieving all of the lives lost due to supremacist violence. The system continues to fail Black Americans, and until we each do our part to educate ourselves and each other on these injustices, recognize our privilege and stand up for the Black community, none of us will truly be free to go for a run, to go for a drive, to birdwatch, to sit in the comfort of our own homes, to breathe, to live.

Alpha Phi Gamma encourages and empowers everyone to combat Anti-Black Racism. If you’re looking to support, Alpha Phi Gamma encourages some of the following steps:

  1. Access educational resources here
  2. Be intolerant of intolerance
  3. Confront racism and do not fall back on guilt
  4. Do the work to be inclusive – be proactive about inclusion in your daily life
  5. Use your privilege to support Black people, issues, businesses, and projects



Alpha Phi Gamma National Executive Board 2019-2020