Class Crossing FYI

Alpha Chapter’s Newest Class: Alpha Upsilon YungUzi$

Image of newest Alpha Chapter Sisters

Written by Khanh Tran and Pei Tao 

Alpha Chapter is so excited to introduce our newest sisters: Alpha Upsilon YungUzi$ Class of Spring 2020! As such, we wanted to give a HUGE congratulations to our Ritual Chancellor, Rachel Kwon, and Potential New Member Mom, Quentina Wang, for crossing Alpha Upsilon. Despite the unprecedented circumstances of COVID-19, Alpha Upsilon and their parents prevailed. We are so proud of their tenacity and so grateful to have been given the chance to meet nine new, life-long sisters. From their crossing day and beyond, we are excited to watch them continue to blossom and reach for the stars.

To introduce the sorority to our new sisters, we asked them to introduce themselves and share their favorite memories and excitements. Here’s what they had to say. 

Nickki Aquino #227A

“Hi! My name is Nickki Aquino and I’m a third year business, information systems major at Cal State Fullerton. My aka is ~,br¡ght Nd blo.omin*~. I really like traveling, going to the gym and going out to socialize with others. Also, fun fact I’m from Japan, so I love sushi and going back to visit!

My favorite memory during the process definitely had to be all the moments I was with my line preparing for & hanging out after events. Even though they could be stressful, I feel like going through it with my line definitely brought us closer. 

One thing I’m really looking forward to is running for positions (mama, social chair, and sisterhood chair) to put in work for the sorority. I also can’t wait to pick up a little sis because I can’t wait to love and support her like my big sis does with me.”

Linda Choi # 228A

“Hi my name is Linda Choi. My aka is doubl:3 $hot. I am a third year at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Apparel Production. I love sewing and started painting during quarantine! I spend a lot of my time working, studying, and watching movies at home.

My favorite memory during process was going to Denny’s after our meetings with my line sisters and venting to each other. It was comforting being with the people that understood me the most and being able to have my line sisters to lean on. 

I’m excited for the new things I will still continue to learn from APhiG even if I am finished with the process! I’m also excited for all the new sisters I’ll be able to meet and bond with in the future whether it be a new class, sisters from different chapters, or alumni. I would really like to run for social chair or recruitment chair. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me and APhiG!”

Rachel Kim #229A

“Hi my name is Rachel Kim and I’m a senior civil engineering major at Cal Poly Pomona. My aka is $APph¡r<3 Ró$e.

My favorite memory during the process was having in-person events and fundraisers like at Banana Bay where everyone could eat together and socialize.

I’m looking forward to try and picking up little sisses soon and building relationships with the current active body sisters of APhiG while also connecting with our alumni sisters!

Some of my interests are working out, museums, and I look at reddit randomly. Fun fact, this past summer in quarantine I was bored so I picked up a new hobby of doing acrylic nails. I like the craft and creativity that goes into it, and I loveee doing nail sets on myself and for others!”

Kathleen Lee #230A

“Hi, my name is Kathleen Lee AKA “tik toKKi? :*”. I am currently a 3rd year at CSUF, majoring in communication disorders and sciences. 

My favorite memory during process would have to be all those late nights we spent practicing our dance & fooling around in an empty parking structure. I’m really looking forward to forming a bond with all my sisters & picking up my own little(s)! Although COVID has prevented us from meeting in person, I’m still very excited to see our sisterhood grow.”

Lyna Nguyen #231A

“Hello I’m Lyna Nguyen aka ~:3ird of Paradise~, I’m currently a second year psychology major at CSUF. My favorite memory during process was getting food late at night with all my psisses after events! I’m looking forward to picking up a little sis and I also plan on running for philanthropy chair. During my free time, I love to hike and play tennis.” 

Tracy Nguyen #232A

“Helloo! My name is Tracy Nguyen and I am a third year studying business marketing at Cal State Fullerton! My aka is yum:3tama$. I sometimes love to skateboard and recently picked up reading as a hobby ☺️. 

My favorite memory during process would have to definitely be before covid started when I was able to see all of my beautiful line sisters. Denny’s was our spot so I miss going there with everyone and just having a fun time. Also just randomly grabbing boba or food was something I miss and definitely took for granted 😢. 

In the future, I am looking forward to running for social chair and / or recruitment chair. I love meeting new people and being able to connect with them in different ways. I also hope to pick up a little (or twins <3) during my last year of school!”

Julie Oh # 233

“Hewo my name is Julie interroBANG Oh #233a and I’m a second year studying animal science/pre-vet at Cal Poly Pomona. My favorite memory during process was hanging out with my psisses after events and getting to know them. I look forward to getting closer with everyone and possibly holding recruitment chair in the future!”

Jacquie Poon #233

“Hewoo my name is Jacquie Poon and I’m a third year majoring Psychology at UCR. My aka is “jutsu WRLD”.

My favorite memory during process was hanging out with my psises late at night, just bonding over stupid funny things and all the in person events >.<

Some things I’m looking forward to in APHig is building stronger and closer connections with the current active sisters,learning more about what each positions does, and meeting the new girls that are interested in our sorority ^~^”

Kimi Sano #235A

“Hi my name is Kimi Sano and I’m a second year business major at Cal Poly Pomona. I am originally from the Bay Area. Some of my hobbies include playing volleyball, getting boba with friends, and scrolling on Tiktok for way too many hours. My AphiG bond number is #235A and my aka is SaKüra SUNr!$e 😮 ~ 

My favorite memory from process was being in person with everyone and building sisterhood. I really miss seeing everyone, and can’t wait to see everyone once it’s safe again. 

I look forward to picking up a little sis in the future and spoiling her (hehe). But for now, I can’t wait to continue to get closer to everyone. I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me, I truly am forever grateful :3”