Class Crossing FYI

Alpha Chapter’s Newest Class: Alpha Psi sKKylight$

Alpha Chapter is elated to introduce our newest sister: Alpha Psi sKKylight$ Class of Spring 2022! By doing so, we also wanted to give the BIGGEST congratulations to our Ritual Chancellor, Kathleen Lee, and Potential New Member Mom, Kimi Sano, for crossing Alpha Psi. These two were able to continuously prevail through the numerous obstacles they faced to guide our one and only baby sKKylight$ into crossing into the best sisterhood! 

We are so thankful to have her and even more grateful for all the hard work she has already put in during her first semester being active, as she is currently serving as our Co-Social and Co-Philanthropy Chair. To introduce the sorority to our new sister, we asked her to tell us more about herself and share her favorite memories and excitements. Without further ado, Alpha Chapter presents you…

Tiffany “t~Na$TeA<;3” Le #247A

“Hi! My name is Tiffany Le, and I’m a third year sociology major at Cal Poly Pomona. I enjoy doing nails and have made a small business out of it! I also like spending my free time going out with friends or just chillin at home with my cat 🙂 A fun fact about me is that my favorite sport is volleyball, and I played for 6 years!

My favorite memories during process was getting the chance to get closer to the active house and knowing how open they were to me! 

As an active, I’m looking forward to getting even closer to my new besties and continuously building bonds with new people!”

We also have some words from Tiffany’s Potential New Member Mom, RC, and Big Sis, all of whom are extremely proud of how far she’s come today.

Potential New Member Mom: Kimi Sano #235A

“I am so proud of Tiffany and everything she has accomplished. Watching her grow throughout her process and flourish as an active, makes me so proud to watch. I know that this is just the start to the bright future she has ahead. I cant wait to watch and see all the things she is able to accomplish! Forever grateful to have her as my one and only kiddo!”

Ritual Chancellor: Kathleen Lee #230A

“I feel so much pride in knowing that Tiffany is my one and only kiddo. Although there were a lot of tough days, I was so thankful that Tiffany trusted me to teach and lead her into becoming a sister of APhiG. Since the day she crossed, Tiffany has put in so much work being the philanthropy and social chair and I’m so excited to see how much more she will accomplish throughout her active life. I’ve seen her grow immensely since the very beginning to the present day and know that she will continuously work up to her greatest potential.”

Big Sis: Alisal Perez #238A

“Tiffany has grown to be one of my favorite persons ever. Being her big sis has been so rewarding because I’ve gotten to see how far she has come. She’s grown so much from when I initially met her, and I can’t wait to see how far she goes. She’s my mini me, and I couldn’t imagine doing life without her.”