Class Crossing FYI

Alpha Chapter’s Newest Addition

Alpha Chapter is excited to introduce to everyone our five newest sisters! Beta Beta Bre.ezy’s!
class crossed into our sisterhood in Spring 2023. First and foremost we wanted to congratulate
you five for entering the best sisterhood and we are so excited for everything you as a line will
accomplish. Lastly Congratulations to Caitlin Quijano and Tammy Weng of Alpha Phi Class
PhenoMAnons for crossing your five kiddos. We have seen you all grow so much within your
first semester active and can’t wait to see all the work you put in for Alpha Chapter. We are
excited to introduce you sisters to our five Bre.ezy’s!. Without further ado, Alpha Chapter
presents you …

Why APhiG? – I wanted to be in APhiG because I saw how amazing their sisterhood was and it
was something I knew id love to be apart of. The genuine relationships I’ve built with each and
every sister mean more to me than I can explain and I know that they will last me a lifetime. Im
looking forward to seeing all the future classes being welcome into the amazing sisterhood
APhiG has created and being able to continue on all of the values we hold true within
How is your experience in APhiG so far? – I am currently MGC/GC representative, and
co-philanthropy chair, and an excited to hopefully be Treasurer next.
What are some positions you want to hold?– I also hope to hold either a Mama or RC position
in the future as I’ve seen how much my RC and Mama were able to do for me, and I want to be
able to pass on my knowledge and guidance in a similar way.
Any messages? – Dear parents, you guys were some of the biggest support to me and my line
throughout my whole process. You never failed to be there for us any time we needed it. Thank
you for being down for us 24/7 in every way. I appreciate you so much, and couldn’t have
imagined better parents to have by my side.
Big sis, Thank you for being my best friend and shoulder to cry on all the time. You have one of
the kindest souls i’ve ever seen and I know you are truly always there for me. Never forget Ill
always be here for you in the same way <3 Im so sad to see you go, but I know you’re going to
do great things!!!
Active house, thanks for welcoming me with open arms into your sisterhood. You always made
me feel loved, comfortable, accepted, and cared for, and Im so glad to be apart of this because of
how each and every one of you showed me what true sisterhood really is.

Why APhiG? – I wanted to be in APhiG to create new friendships and to push myself to be more
out there. I’m excited to see what i can bring into APhiG. I hope that I can make an impact that
makes everyone proud. im also excited to be closer to everyone/new people I meet/and future
How is your experience in APhiG so far? – My experience so far has been something I have
been grateful for. I have met people who are now my besties and learn more about myself like
knowing that I am capable of doing things if I believe rather than just give up because it is
What are some positions you want to hold? – Social Chair
Any messages? – To everyone from spring ‘23 u guys are the absolute best and made such a big
impact in my life that I am forever grateful for. Thank you for being there for me and being very patient of me. Especially to my big and parents sorry I was slow but at least I learned. u guys are my biggest supporters fr xD

Why APhiG? – I wanted to join APhiG after meeting the sisters and getting to know them and the
relationships they carried with each other, their line sisters, their sisterhood seemed truly authentic,
and it made me want to be a part of it as well.
How is your experience in APhiG so far? – My experience with APhiG has been what I had
thought it would be like. We are first to reach out to one another when something fun comes up
and first to find eachother when we are going through tough times. I look forward to seeing my
line pick up little sisters, and continue to grow and mature within this sisterhood and to extend
that into the real world.
What are some positions you want to hold? – I hope to hold positions such as social chair and
sisterhood chair because my firsthand interaction with APhiG was relationships, and I want to
contribute and help that aspect of APhiG grow and be well known.
Any messages?
Papa CQ & Tammy mommy:
“You are your mother’s/father child”, Is a phrase we say a lot because my line is just like you
guys in so many ways. Thanks for being the coolest parents ever and always being there for every
moment to feel all of our emotions with us <3
Bisis Kayvee:
Hey man! Not much to say bc u already know. U are my actual copy n paste carbon copy, and I
cannot explain us in any better words. We r the strongest twin flames and will be 4L Ily

Why APhiG? – I wanted to be in APHIG because of the sisterhood they had. Growing up, I
never experienced any sisterhood and I wanted to be a part of something where I belonged and
would feel accepted. Being in APHIG, I’ve grown as a person and felt the sisterhood I thought I
never would have. My line sisters have definitely become a huge part of my life, they’ve helped
me grow as a person, and we’ve all been through everything. I’m excited to look forward to many
more sisterhood events and just having fun and hang out with APHIG sisters.

How is your experience in APhiG so far? – My experience in APhiG so far has been fun and
memorable. I’ve gotten closer with everyone and through APhiG I’ve learned to be more myself
and be more open.

What are some positions you want to hold? – Some positions I would like to hold in the future
are Publicity and Fundraising Chair.
Any messages?
Dear Pops and momma thank you for everything you’ve done for us and I’m glad that we all
hang out even if we’re all very busy.
Hi big sis thank u for always supporting me in what I do and listening to all my rants and teas.
I’m glad ur my big sis and always have my back.

Why APhiG? – I wanted to be in APHIG because during recruitment, I saw the way everyone
interacted with each other. The bond between the sisters seemed very true and genuine and that’s
all I was looking for when thinking about joining. I am excited to be active with the rest of my
class, go to events together, and continue to hangout with each other. I am hopeful for what we
will be able to accomplish within the organization together.
How is your experience in APhiG so far? – My personal experience has been very good so far
in the sense that found the close connections I was looking for. The girls in my class will always
have a special place in my heart. I enjoy seeing them when we have the chance.
What are some positions you want to hold? – In the future, I hope to hold the position of Ritual
Chancellor. I really look up to and respect the person who was my RC so I’m really excited to be
able to guide a new group of girls the same way I was guided and taught.

Any messages? –
Mama, thank you again for everything. I am so sorry we were so annoying BAHAH but that’s
what kids are for. You have an unmatched amount of patience, and you never let your annoyance
with our constant questions show. You always approached us with grace and understanding so
I’ll always be grateful to you for that. Love ya mama 🙂
To Pops, you truly kept me on my path. I was really second guessing myself and my capabilities
throughout my process. You showed me that taking the easy way out won’t get you anywhere in
life. What you put in is what you get out. I learned a lot from you, things that I still implement in
my daily life. You’re da best ever. Love you pops <3
To my big, thank you for being my rock throughout everything. You are so protective and down
for your line and me and twin. I just appreciate how much you care and how much you’ve done
for both of us. I miss you a lot:( Please move back soon LOL . I love you biggieeee