FYI Sisterhood

Keeping Sisterhood Strong During the Pandemic

Written by Jayne Nyam and Rachel Kwon

2020 has been a big change for everyone. I believe that each and every person has been affected one way or another. I think a lot of us have been sad just sitting at home, missing your friends, and your sisters. People have different ways of coping with the pandemic and not being able to see your loved ones, and being in quarantine did not stop Alpha Chapter sisters from bonding and building more sisterhood in the toughest times.

Not only did we decide to meet on Zoom for our sisterhood events, doing workouts, and playing games together, the sisterhood chairs also planned a weekly sisterhood call for any sister to join just to hang out together. During these weekly sisterhood calls, many active sisters and many alumns came out.

At the beginning, it was awkward, trying to take turns talking through Zoom, but as the weeks went on, we got used to the systems and had a lot of fun catching up and just talking, and playing games with each other.

When we first decided to open up the calls to our alumn sisters, we thought that they may not come out, since they are busy adulting, even in this pandemic, but many of our alumns came out and surprised us! Our newer classes were able to meet the alumn sisters that they didn’t have the chance to build a bond with, and the turnouts of these weekly sisterhood events were better than expected. No matter the situation that is preventing us from building stronger bonds, the sisters of Alpha Chapter still strive to stay connected using all social media platforms available.

Some of our sisters went out of their ways even in this quarantine, to go visit our graduating sisters as well, to congratulate them, even though there was no ceremony held yet for them. They all made sure that they were well sanitized, and covered their faces with masks.

We believe that this time of our lives is where we really look back at all the relationships that we have, and see that what we have built in this sorority is more than just a group of sorority sisters, but our friends we can count on and call sisters for the rest of our lives.