Class Crossing FYI


Sela “baek◓hoSTAR” Fyffe 121Θ

The first Sister introducing this class is Sela “baek◓hoSTAR” Fyffe 121Θ. She is a Junior here at CSU and is majoring in Interior Architecture and Design with a minor in Japanese Language. Sela is a very determined and hardworking individual who never fails to keep up with her extensive workload both inside and outside of the sorority! In what little free time she does have, she enjoys spending time with her dog Juno, going on long runs, or binging a show. Her favorite part of Alpha Phi Gamma is having a lovely bunch of girlies to hang out with and to receive support from. She is grateful to have such wonderful women to call sisters!

Gigi “♡优美-M.aliiT. M.ochi♡” Luetkenhaus 122Θ

Next up is Gigi “♡优美-M.aliiT. M.ochi♡” Luetkenhaus 122Θ. Gigi is a Freshman at CSU and is excited to soon be a declared Business major. Gigi never fails to keep the energy lighthearted and put a smile on other sisters’ faces, and she is always so fun to be around and talk to.  She likes to cook with her mom and as of lately has gotten into working out. Her favorite thing about Alpha Phi Gamma is the energy that all of the sisters bring. Everyone is so happy and is always there to lift each other up. 

Jenna “peri•bella.jAsM̈ine” Masood 123Θ

Our third Sister welcomed to Theta Chapter is Jenna “peri•bella.jAsM̈ine” Masood 123Θ. Jenna is also a Freshman at CSU and is majoring in Biology. Jenna is always determined when she puts her mind to something. Jenna has a dog named Beauty who is her baby. Her favorite part of Alpha Phi Gamma is her big sis, Allayna “ruby.SAtya” Schultz.

Megan “cheng◒lungSTAR” Neff 124Θ

The next Sister welcomed to Theta Chapter’s Sisterhood is  Megan “cheng◒lungSTAR” Neff 124Θ. Megan is also a Junior at CSU and is majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a concentration in Environmental Public Health. She always wants to put a smile on other sisters’ faces and is typically cracking jokes. Megan and Sela are twins, keeping Star Family alive here in Theta Chapter, and when they are together they work and think as one. Megan has a cat named Milo whom she loves very much. Her favorite part of Alpha Phi Gamma is the feeling of belonging and the support within the sisterhood, and she is excited to be a lifelong sister and continue to grow her relationships with other sisters. 


Lauryn “B .・゜✭・nishikigoⓄi da yuima~ru.・✭ ・゜B” Nouchi 125Θ

Introducing our next sister, Lauryn “B .・゜✭・nishikigoⓄi da yuima~ru.・✭ ・゜B” Nouchi 125Θ. Lauryn is a Junior at CSU majoring in Hospitality Management. Lauryn is a very kind, honest and hardworking Sister of Alpha Phi Gamma. She has a great sense of humor and is always fun to be around. Lauryn’s favorite part of Alpha Phi Gamma is the connections she has made with other sisters within Theta Chapter.


Liani “Espurr” Pierman 126Θ

Finally, our last Sister in Alpha Alpha class is Liani “Espurr” Pierman 126Θ. Liani is a Freshman at CSU and is majoring in Mechanical Engineering, talk about smart! In her free time, she enjoys solving puzzles and binging a good horror series. Liani has such a kind heart and is always there for other Sisters when they need her. She wanted to join Alpha Phi Gamma because of the community we have here, and wanted to make connections with other sisters of similar and different backgrounds. She is proud to be part of this organization because of all the connections she has made. Liani always gives great advice and is very genuine in the way that she speaks and treats other people.