FYI Sisterhood

A Night of Firsts

A warm congratulations to Omicron Chapter’s Gamma GREV/LLA class for installing on April
22, 2020! The chapter had their first public installation, and set some beautiful traditions with
amazing company!

After months of meticulous planning, discussing traditions to set, and many challenges, Omicron
Chapter successfully hosted their first public installation since becoming a chapter! We
appreciate all the support we received from the campus community and our lovely sisters.

The evening was highlighted with gifts, performances, and superlative awards given to Sisters
from Omicron Chapter. The Gamma GREV/LLA class finally performed their dances for the first
time live, met with excitement and anticipation from the crowd. Not to mention their adorable
rendition of “Introducing Me”dedicated to their class mom, Camille ‘CITRINE’ Adao. The class
and their big sisters were gifted in abundance, ranging from various assortments of letters,
snacks, and other items. The class also presented their gifts to the Active House, four beautiful
flags that represented the Charter, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma classes respectively. Each one
was individually tailored to the receiving class, matching the energy presented by the line. While
the celebration was focused on the line, the event was also a means of celebrating the chapter,
evident in the superlative awards presented to Omicron Sisters of all statuses. Sisters were
nominated via voting that took place prior to the event, with awards such as “Swaggiest Moves”,
“Cutest Big and Little Duo”, and “Sister of the Year”.

A special thank you to all the attendees for making the night one to remember, with
representatives from Alpha Kappa Delta Phi, Alpha Psi Rho, Beta Chi Theta, Chi Sigma Tau,
Kappa Pi Beta, Sigma Lambda Beta, and Sigma Psi Zeta. A shout out to Nicolas Langtiw
(@_nicphotos on Instagram) for photographing an unforgettable evening.

And a very extra special thank you to the Sisters who made the effort to come down from Beta
Chapter, Epsilon Chapter, and Lambda Chapter! We appreciate the constant support we have
from you, as well as all SIsters nationwide!