5 Things I Wish to Do as an Active Before I Graduate FYI

5 Things I Wish to Do as an Active Before I Graduate

Graduating Sisters

Amy “millABA0•” Plum is graduating this Spring 2023 semester with a bachelor’s degree in
Biochemistry! Funnily enough, she actually hates biochemistry and the only thing that’s been
keeping her going are the labs, so she’s been thinking of going to dental school. Right now, she
works as a dental sterilization tech and loves the opportunities it provides! Born and raised in
Fort Collins, she hopes to travel more and complete these five goals before she graduates:

  1. Frolicking in a Field
  2. Late Night Skate Session
  3. Everybody Hangs out at Somebody’s House
  4. Picnic!
  5. Hiking!

Marina “Cerasuolo” Gorin is graduating this Spring 2023 semester with a bachelor’s degree in
Zoology! She’s been fostering dogs in her home to take care of their cuddly selves and has her
own farm of dogs herself! As an international student from France, she’s hoping to become a vet
med and take care of doggies! Before she graduates, she hopes to:

  1. Give every sister a head noogie
  2. Spend as much time with sisters she’s close to
  3. Finish up her role as Academic and Sisterhood Chair well
  4. Have another potluck!
  5. Host a Sister Soccer Game

Tia “eureumSTAR” Thompson is graduating this Spring 2023 semester with a bachelor’s
degree in Business with a concentration in Computer Information Systems. She wants to be a
software or engineer! She only has three goals before she graduates:

  1. Stroll
  2. Do philanthropy and organize an actual volunteer event
  3. Actually try to get to know sisters more


Megha “TopAz.Mahayana” Gaonkar is a second year student studying Zoology! Before she
graduates, here are a few things she wants to as an active:

  1. Be Ritual Chancellor
  2. Be a Big more than once
  3. Go to Conference

Madeline (Maddie) “MyƟ.KaloCedrυs” Salomon is a first year student studying biomedical
sciences! Although her list is short, she’s the youngest in Theta Chapter right now, so she has
plenty of time to add more!

  1. Go to Conference
  2. Be a Big
  3. Be on Exec

Alumna Sister

Maria “IBU pertiwi” Nguyen graduated in Spring 2021 with a major in Art/Fine Arts with a
concentration in graphic design! She is currently working as a graphic designer, but is
continuing her education by earning a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at CSU. Here
were 5 things she wanted to do as an active before she graduated:

  1. I really wanted to go to conference when I was active! I went this past summer on active
    track even though I had graduated, but I still feel like the experience would have been
    different if I went when I was actually active. I specifically wished I went to the
    conference that celebrated 25 years of APhiG because it looked so fun and sisters were
    able to meet some of our founders.
  2. I wish I was able to experience holding more positions like president or RC. I kind of
    spontaneously decided to graduate a year early at the last minute so all of those bigger
    positions I was thinking about holding weren’t really possible for me anymore. Now I kind
    of just vicariously live through others holding those positions haha.
  3. I wish I travelled more! I feel like I’m only now starting to develop more relationships with
    sisters nationally and it would have been nice to start earlier, as well as get to visit other
  4. I think it would have been cool to stroll more. It was always a lot of fun and I feel like
    Susan, my line sister, always had a cool idea brewing for all of us to work on.
  5. I wish I got to spend more time with my littles while I was active. Now that I’ve graduated,
    it feels a bit bittersweet to think about being in college and always getting to be around
    my littles, even if we were all suffering a bit from school. Time flies by so fast and I feel
    like I didn’t cherish it enough. Getting people together is really hard when you’re an
    adult! I think that makes me more appreciative of the time I have with them now though.