5 Things I Wish to Do as an Active Before I Graduate FYI

5 Things I Wish I Did as an Active Before I Graduated

This month, I wanted to give sisters a perspective from a graduated alumna’s stance, to give them inspiration and encouragement during their current active years as an undergraduate student. To do so, I asked our alumna, Melissa “Koi” Cardella, what were 5 things she wished she had done as an active before she graduated. 

  1. The first thing she wished to have done was to be active with her little. Melissa wished to have been there on campus for her little because not only was she a solo line, but her little’s RC and Mom were off campus as well.
  1. The second thing she wished she did at the time was incorporate more fun marketing ideas to the instagram — such as creating an online scrapbook or doing a pretend reality TV show with sisters! 
  1. The third thing she wished to have gotten done was establish a better way to promote Asian Culture. She discovered that a creative way that could be done is through dance and to showcase cultural dances. 
  1. If she could go back, another thing she would have done more would have been sister lock-ins, where sisters get to just have fun and not focus on business. One of her best memories with her line sisters is when they committed to 12 hours just spending time with each other and not working on business. 
  1. Lastly, she wishes that she traveled more with sisters. While Melissa was on  campus, she worked two jobs and didn’t have the opportunity to travel as much, but when she did — “it was amazing!”

After asking Melissa this question and hearing her responses, it gave me ideas and allowed me to reflect on the things that I want to accomplish as an active sister before I graduate. I want to be able to do more fun things with sisters as well and to spend time together with no focus being on business. I also want to be able to continue adding more cool and creative things on our social media platforms because it’s something that I enjoy doing. I was able to learn that it’s important for sisters to sit back and think about the things they want to accomplish while they are still on-campus!