Class Crossing FYI

10 strong, 10 long – A Beginning to Forever

Iota Chapter Spring 2021

Written by Gerilyn Rufin

It is absolutely an incredible moment to celebrate together as we officially welcome 10 of our newest Sisters at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Iota Chapter – the Sigma “$UGA Shawtiez” Class of Spring 2021. Being able to create an everlasting bond of sisterhood through a pandemic is remarkably special for anyone. We would like to start off by giving a huge thank you to the Ritual Chancellor, Elena Marie “Enchanted” Llanes and Potential New Member Mom Gerilyn Arcilla “$UPER HYPHY” Rufin for guiding the women into the sisterhood, alongside the amazing Active House that strived to guide, adapt, and enlighten not only the Sigmas, but each other, throughout the entire time together this past semester. 

Tiamani “ICY GRL” Cyr #165i

Sachi “don’t kill MA vibes” de la Cruz #166i

Amy “Pretty Flacko” Jang #167i 

Felicia “nexus” Jong #168i 

Kate “bluedream” Katigbak #169i

Danielle “Arctic Sun” Robles #170i

Cera “SZA” Samson #171i

Kiersten Chloe “Cosmic Collision” San Juan #172i

Andrea “ARCHERESS” Solaegui #173i 

Davinia “AMATERASU” Sosrodjojo #174i 

The Sigmas are 10 unique and inspiring women that continue to uphold the values of Alpha Phi Gamma near and far. From being study buddies by day and TikTok queens by night, these ladies are always finding new ways to grow their relationship together in this road to forever. You can find these line sisters enjoying themselves over a delicious meal or singing karaoke together. When joining Alpha Phi Gamma no one understands the lengths of growth that anyone will ever go through as a person and with those that you continue to surround yourself with from the beginning to forever. The Sigmas have demonstrated their love for not only the sisterhood, but for each other. They are 10 strong, 10 long and in it for the long haul. Although their journey is just starting, the Sisters of Iota Chapter are forever wishing them the best of luck and greatness into this new journey they are embarking. 

A note from the Potential New Member Mom: Daughters, each of you are resilient, bold, loving, and unapologetically you. Individually you are strong, but collectively you are powerful. There will never be a moment in this Sisterhood where you will not have each other to lean on when times get rough, but also in times to praise the joyous moments of life and milestones together as well. Every single one of you are loved so deeply and words will never be enough to comprehend the amount of praise and celebration that each of you deserve in this lifetime. Enjoy these moments while you can, because every Sister would relive each of these special moments together over and over again, even through a pandemic together. Congratulations to infinity! – With light, love, and positivity, Mama G